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by Ute Carson
Ute's newest poetry collection
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Save the Last Kiss
by Ute Carson
A novella of first love
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My Gift to Life
by Ute Carson
Available in Romanian and Crimean Tartar translations.
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Just a Few Feathers
by Ute Carson
Sweeping and Emotional
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In Transit
by Ute Carson
A stunning novel of discovery
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Colt Tailing
by Ute Carson
Finalist for the prestigious
Peter Taylor Book Award.

Folding Washing
by Ute Carson
Beautiful Hand-Sewn

Ute Carson has been writing and publishing stories and essays her entire life, developing her unique voice while gaining experiences around the world.

Upcoming Appearance

Join Ute as she reads from her latest book!

Currently, Ute is making only virtual appearances.

Her first novel, Colt Tailing, has received rave reviews from a broad variety of critics and readers alike. The complex characterizations of women and their world has touched readers like no other novel in recent memory.

Her second novel, In Transit, is very different from the uplifting, heroic and poetic tale of her first book. In Transit follows a highly intelligent young man as he searches for the roots of his sado-masochistic ways in the women he meets on the road, in the wisdom of the POW diary of his uncle, in his own mind which he cannot always control.

Ute has published several acclaimed poetry collections, including Just a Few Feathers, the hand-sewn chapbook Folding Washing, and My Gift to Life, an amazing compilation of Ute's poetry in both English and Romanian and English and Crimean Tartar editions.

About Ute Carson

Ute Maria Elisabeth Gräfin von Hardenberg-Carson was born on the Baltic Coast of Pomerania just as World War II descended upon Europe. Fleeing before the Russian army, her family eventually settled in what was to become West Germany. Learn More >

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Download and listen to Ute Carson in her radio interview with Tony Kay on "The Perceptive Marketing Hour", a program on the Artist First World Radio Network. Download here. (.mp3 6.5mb)

Meet Ute
Ute is often found reading from her novels or her many poems all around Texas, especially the Austin and San Antonio areas. Come meet Ute in person and hear her present these works as only she can! Visit the appearances page now, or watch Ute on YouTube!



Another new poetry collection from the acclaimed author of the novels "In Transit" and "Colt Tailing." Available at your local art gallery & Plain View Press.

Words About 'Just a Few Feathers'

A Poetry Collection from Ute Carson - Buy now

"Ute Carson manages to find universal truths in ordinary things, and clothes them in language that is at once beautiful and profoundly universal. The result is a music that sings in our very core."
-Leticia Austria, Poet

"The author employs a number of poetic tools to convey her thoughts, including wonderful imagery and simple yet effective phrasing."
-Harmony McGlothlin, Publisher & Editor

"A gladness for life and family is countered by occasional poem lines of survived horror. Such lines render the poet steeled in mind and intensely honed to mankind's fallacies. Ute Carson's Just a Few Feathers is a collection one wants to keep close by and refer to often."
-Kaye Voight Abikahled, The Poetry Society of Texas

Now available online from Plain View Press.


Ute Carson is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotist, and has also written a guide for hypnotists working with children.