Flapper Press Poetry Cafe 2021
by Ute Carson
Flapper Press Poetry Cafe, July 2021
Bleeding Trees

The wind of mortality
sweeps through the woods,
stripping away leaves
and downing limbs.
Sap turns to bleeding tears.

Visible still on a trunk,
the outline of a heart
carved long ago.
Now time spreads a veil
across this emblem of long-lived love.


Center of the World

In the cocoon of a happy childhood
the child is the center of its universe.
Parents, siblings, grandparents move around in its orbit,
adding security, color and play
and letting the child dream of
being a fireman, Batman,
riding a white steed
or donning red traveling slippers.
In adulthood the white horse becomes a common sedan,
the red shoes sensible brown footwear
and the dreams remain a childhood treasure
that has long been tossed
into the well of possibilities.
But at any time the treasure can be retrieved
by diving deep into the past.


Sacred Ground

I kneel and place an ear on the mossy carpet
covering my mother's grave.
Closing my eyes against distractions,
I hear the earth whispering.
Out of the deep darkness
my mother's life comes back to me.
As the noonday warmth reddens my cheek
I rise and memories of her blossom in profusion.
I honor my mother by brushing
leaves of grass and tears from my face.

- ~ -