Years - 4 Poems
by Ute Carson
Litbreak Magazine, December 2023

Wear your years with a flourish of garb.
In spring choose fabrics decorated with wildflowers.
In summer go halterless and don a long satin skirt.
For the fall I commend a comfortable reddish brown-toned cape.
Come shivering winter, bundle up your time-worn body in fur,
befitting the passing of many seasons


Old Body

A house of cards,
a latticework of papery skin,
fragile like insect wings,
soon withering to dust.

But, in the crevices of the intricate webbing
a crackling, humming-like electricity
continues to spin life’s memories
long after the cards have collapsed.



I hold your sweet face
in my trembling hands.
Gratitude bubbles over a I remember
all the kisses I drank from your lips.
There were juicy kisses,
lips puckered in surprise,
kisses blown in greeting and farewell,
soothing kisses softening sorrow.
I like your smiling lips best,
as when you sealed our life-long bond
with a passionate kiss.


Love Affair with My Grandchildren

From my basket of love affairs
I pluck a fleur-de lis
in memory of my grandmother.
Then I pull out others–for friends, my husband.
Each time I reach into the basket it fills up again,
love blooming in profusion.
Next, my grandchildren blossom,
each uniquely fragrant,
wafting through my old age.
Oh, how I love them!

- ~ -